Künstler-Köpfe-Ateliers (Artists-Heads-Studios) - Portraits of visual Artists in Berlin

Cover Bildband Künstler Köpfe Ateliers © Martin WeinholdPublisher’s information: Between 2001 and 2004 photographer Martin Weinhold visited and photographed more than 80 Berlin visual artists in their studios and workshops. With his documentary he provided a profound insight to the artist’s scene in the south-eastern parts of the city. A selection of this project is published in the book by the title Künstler-Köpfe-Ateliers (Artists-Heads-Studios). The portraits focus on the individual human independent from the artistic ranking and meaning of the respective person. Partly the view into the working environment is telling as much a story as the look into the face of the artist. There are no staged settings of the crazy and colourful crowd of painters and sculptors, as the cliché may suggest, but an emphasis on personalities who tell by their faces what it means to live with and subsist on art. Hence there are expressions from jolly to earnest, reflecting also the often times challenging situation these people find themselves in. Above all there is, of course, the spark of artistic creation to be found.

120 pages, hardcover, format 23,5 cm x 26,5 cm; 75, ISBN 3 – 86504 – 088 – 8 (originally published by TENEA Verlag für Medien, Berlin, Germany)

The photographs are completed by biographies and self-chosen texts and statements of the portrayed artists. The book is prefaced by an essay of Berlin art historian Dr. Jens Semrau. Production and publication were supported by the Culture Council of Berlin and the Bredy & Schadock GmbH.

Portrait Ulla Walter © Martin WeinholdPortrait Egon Bresien © Martin WeinholdPortrait Karl Hillert © Martin Weinhold

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